Learning Across Borders (LAB) offers answers to young people who want to combine their on-campus education with direct experience in other cultures. LAB programs emphasize people and ideas. LAB participants enter a new culture with a respectful and open-minded attitude, seeking both commonalities and differences in order to understand the larger human experience.

These are not sightseeing programs, though in fact the programs include some of the most important cultural sights of each country. Rather, these programs are designed for young people who want to confront and understand both the leading issues and underlying culture of each society. The program thus requires highly motivated, active participants who are willing and eager to interact with students, professors, NGO and UN staff, business people, villagers and others.

LAB programs are conducted in English, the most common language available for such exchanges. Thus, a LAB program becomes an immersion experience in English usage. The emphasis is not on perfect grammar but rather on willingness to communicate.

LAB offers three programs:  a Contemporary Southeast Asia Issues program in late February and early March, a Myanmar (Burma) program (which includes an initial period in Thailand) in late August and early September, and a Civil Society in Thailand program in mid-November.